Eden is a Smart Community System for Apartments, Condominiums and Gated Communities designed to offer digital convenience to Residents and Property Managers in one integrated platform. We simplify and automate most of the manual operations making work easier for property management, as well as giving owners and tenants the online convenience they desire.

Building Sustainable Communities Together


Our mission is to help our clients build smarter, safer and sustainable communities.

How can Residents benefit from Eden?

  • Self-manage bills and payments

  • Book facilities without the need for Management approval

  • Instantly receive notices posted by Management

  • Report incidents and feedback to Management in real-time (keeping your conversations organized)

  • Accessible anywhere and anytime with any internet connected devices

How can Management benefit from Eden?

  • Improve and maintain timely collections

  • Simplify and automate property management work processes

  • Communications made easy between management and residents

  • Easy access to current and historical data (paperless and organized)

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere with any internet connected devices

  • Easily generate reports for Management meetings


Marcus Lim

Executive Director

Mark Leow

Business Advisor

Dani Hussain

Chief Technology Officer